Terms & Conditions

All exports are subject to the prior approval of the appropriate U.S. federal agencies, and imports are subject to approval of the Customs agency of the importing government.  Export Service Fees are due prior to application, and regardless of the response of the pertaining agency (delivery/shipping expenses are, however, refundable). Employees of BORDERVIEW LLC will give their best opinion on the feasibility of an export, but in no case is this a substitute for law or the actual decision of the U.S. Government. Merchandise orders require full payment prior to Export License application. The U.S. Dept. of State requires 4-6 weeks for export licensing decisions. The “5% Upcharge” portion of our fees covers insurance of your item(s) while in our custody, and goes to help cover our U.S. Department of State, DDTC Registration fees. All prices are listed in US Dollars. Customer / Importer is responsible for complying with all importing, possession, transportation, storage, acquisition and other applicable laws within their home country and within the USA.  Borderview will not alter declared values of items to save on taxes, and reserves the right to assess what the ‘fair market value’ of an item is for the purposes of Customs processing. ‘Excess Storage’ charges are applied when gun(s) or other item(s) are stored in our facilities longer than one month (30 days), at your request or need (not due to regulatory delay on our end). The charge is $10 per month per gun or line item, and will normally be billed in whole-month increments. This helps cover the cost of the space required, extended insurance coverage, and other related overhead costs.