USA Firearm Import Service

importing guns from canada to the usa

Why use Borderview?

1. We’re located less than 5 minutes from the border.

Our main office in the border town of Lynden, Washington means that we’re able to save you hundreds of dollars on transportation costs alone! Most other firearm importers will require expensive air freight to their nearest international airport, on top of expensive Customs Brokerage fees.  We clear Customs ourselves, in-person, only a short drive from our office — included in our base prices!

2. We have an office just across the border in B.C., where you can mail the guns and we take care of the rest.

We are also a licensed firearms dealer in British Columbia, Canada, which allows us to facilitate a smooth cross-border transaction of your firearm(s).  Because the guns you want to import to the U.S.A. may not already be near our local border crossings that we typically use, shipping them to our Canadian office will allow us to personally and physically take them across the border when all permits are approved! Shipping instructions (including B.C. office address) will be provided for your use when needed.

3. We’ve been importing guns as a service for over 50 years!

Our founder’s grandfather, Jude VanderHoek, had a gun shop in the border town of Lynden, Washington starting in 1957, and ever since the family has helped Canadians with cross-border firearm transactions.


What’s the cost?

Simple, inclusive, know-what-you’ll-pay pricing.

Surprisingly Simple™ — that’s our motto. And it’s clear from our pricing. Rather than low upfront ‘permit fees’ and hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional costs, our base prices include almost everything: import permit, cross-border freight, import marking & customs brokerage.
Don’t get stuck with a giant final bill — know what you’ll pay with our inclusive pricing!

FIREARMS (MODERN: manufactured 1899 or later)

$299 for the first gun, + $199 for each additional gun on the same shipment.

+ 5% of the total value of imported merchandise [2% on portion above $5k]

For 5+ guns, contact Borderview for a custom quote.

ANTIQUE FIREARMS (manufactured pre-1899)

$199 for the first antique gun, + $99 for each additional antique gun on the same shipment.

+ 5% of the total value of imported merchandise [2% on portion above $5k]

Click here for full IMPORT PRICING, including for ammo, parts, shipping, taxes and more!

NOTE: at this time we are only doing imports into the U.S. from Canada.  For a list of importers that might be able to assist for imports from countries other than Canada, click here.

How long does it take?

Normally a couple of months from start to finish.  The majority of this time is waiting for the ATF to process the Import Permit application. Thus, ultimately we can make no promises in regards to total wait time, but we’ll do our part to keep things moving along and typically everything is done within a couple of months — sometimes faster and sometimes longer.

Antique firearms can typically be imported within 1 to 2 weeks.

Can’t I just do the paperwork myself?

Maybe, depending on your situation. If you are not a current U.S. resident, but are planning a future move to the U.S., you can apply to ATF for an Import Permit. However, there’s a catch: you must receive the approved Import Permit before you move, which can take upwards of 2 to 3 months to obtain, if you fill out the form out correctly the first time.  If you do move before you have an approved Permit, your application becomes void and you must switch to use a licensed dealer once in the U.S.

In nearly every other situation, such as if you’ve already moved (or will before the Permit is approved), if you’re sending an inheritance, or if you’re a U.S. resident buying a gun abroad, ATF requires that you hire a licensed importer such as Borderview to complete the import.

And even if you do qualify to do the paperwork yourself, we recommend using an experienced importer due to the complexities involved (we get a lot of clients who have tried unsuccessfully themselves for months or years before coming to us frustrated, and then glad once we help).  Finally, even if you do get an Import Permit approved yourself, you should expect to drive the guns down through Customs yourself (and likely have to hire a Customs Broker in the process) as there are virtually no carriers that will take small shipments of firearms cross-border.  The bottom line is this: you’ll be glad you worked with an experienced importer! Borderview makes it Surprisingly Simple™!


ATF requires Import Markings to be placed on imported firearms (excluding antiques manufactured before 1899). Required markings include at least our Name, City and State as the importer, and other markings if not already present on the gun (i.e. caliber, model designation if any, country of manufacture, serial number and manufacturer name). As ATF has approved our name to be abbreviated to “BV”, the basic marking is “BV LYNDEN, WA”. We can work with you to determine the best feasible spot to put required markings, which generally must be visible on the gun, but can be very small (1/16″ letter height, 0.003″ minimum depth). Only the serial number is required to be on the frame or receiver; other required markings can be on the barrel.

What if the gun was made in the USA or already has import markings? Unfortunately the Regulations require us to put our importer markings (name/city/state) on all imported firearms, even those that were made in the U.S. (excluding pre-1899 antiques). Other existing markings such as caliber, model name, etc. can be ‘adopted’ rather than re-marked.

What are the steps involved? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1NumberOneInCircle Fill out our “Start an Import” Form below.  We process the information and provide you with a solid quote, feasibility of approval, and instructions for shipping the gun(s) to our office in British Columbia, Canada.

2NumberTwoInCircle You commit to move forward, we apply for the ATF Import Permit, and the process has begun!

3NumberThreeInCircle When the approved ATF Import Permit is issued, we complete the actual import, and ship to your local FFL dealer!