“Buy-on-Your-Behalf” Service Details

What is the “Buy-on-Your-Behalf” Service?

Some U.S. sellers are unable or unwilling to take payment from international customers, even when the product is to be shipped to a Registered Exporter FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) for legal export. In such cases, we may be able to become the Seller in the transaction by using our Buy-on-Your-Behalf Service to fill your special order by purchasing and re-selling the item(s) to you.

How does it work?

After you identify the item(s) to be purchased, and have verified that the U.S. seller will not accept any form of international payment, initiate contact with us. Once we have determined that there is a high probability of export license approval and that the seller understands the situation and will accept payment from us, we will make arrangements with you to proceed.

The source that we’re buying from cannot be a party that is prohibited from participating in export transactions for any reason (some companies or individuals have gotten in trouble for illegal exports in the past and thus are barred from taking part in future export transactions). We will screen their name against the required government lists to ensure this is not an issue.

Pre-payment required: In all cases, pre-payment will be required. In the case of bidding at auctions, we will place an authorization hold on your credit card.

How much does it cost?

Because of the various costs of offering this service, we must charge a nominal fee.

The Fee Structure is as follows:

5% of the purchase amount, with a $50 minimum charge.

(usually available for up to $5,000 purchases; contact us to inquire about higher amounts).

*Note additional + 3% charge for payment by credit card when applicable, details below.

How can I get the money to Borderview International?

The preferred method of payment is Wire Transfer into our designated bank account (instructions will be provided). Alternatively, you may send a Money Order or Certified Check by mail, in U.S. funds. Finally, for non-firearm items, we can usually accept payment for Buy-on-Your-Behalf items by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, for an additional 3% of the amount paid.

What about auctions – where I may not be the highest bidder, or it may go for less?

We can bid on auctions on GunBroker.com on your behalf. You’ll be required to submit to us in writing (email is fine) your desired “highest bid”.  We’ll then place a bid for that amount on your behalf. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to ‘strategically bid’ on auctions, such as waiting to the last minute to bid, or slowly bidding more and more. However, GunBroker does have a mechanism to bid on your behalf incrementally up to the high bid submitted.

If you’re not the highest bidder:  In cases where your high bid is not the winning bid, we can hold your funds for use toward a future auction/purchase, or refund the funds intended to be used for the bid (the Buy-on-Your-Behalf Service fee itself (detailed above) is non-refundable). There will be an additional $25 “Refund Processing Fee” if you choose to have these funds refunded, so please take this into consideration when bidding.

If the closing price is less than you sent us: If the auction closing price is less than you sent us, there are two options: (1) if any export-related expenses are still unpaid (i.e. shipping, export licensing, etc.), the excess funds will be first applied to the unpaid balance; then (2) any excess funds after you’ve paid-in-full will be refunded to you by the original payment method.

Summary & Conclusion:

This is simply offered as a service for customers that find themselves in the unusual situation of a U.S. seller unable or unwilling to take any form of payment from abroad. It’s not intended to sneak purchases from sellers that have policies forbidding any export of their products, nor to get around any legal or regulatory requirements. In fact, if you place such a special order with us that requires us to use our ‘Buy-on-Your-Behalf’ service, we must do extra paperwork and declarations to inform the government of the extra party to the transaction whom is the ‘source’ of the item(s) being exported.

Whenever possible, we highly encourage you to make direct payment arrangements with the U.S. seller, as this service is not intended to be a real profit-maker for us, but rather to pass-through the related costs of such a transaction. Thank-you for understanding the limitations we must put on this service in order to make it feasible to continue offering this option.

As always, we look forward to serving you!

Updated December 2016.