Steps for Importing a Firearm into Canada

Steps for Importing a Firearm into Canada

We make it easy, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

The info below explains the process, pricing and normal timeline for an export/import from the U.S. to Canada with Borderview. Whether you’re still trying to decide whether to proceed, or you’ve already bought a gun to be exported, it’s important that you read through this to understand how it works, and to avoid unnecessary delays or costs to your shipment.


While we will take care of a majority of the work to be done, there are a few things that are up to you:

(1) Find and purchase the items you wish to import: whether you buy from an auction site like, a gun dealer, a private seller, or aren’t actually ‘buying’ at all (i.e. inheritance, job transfer), it’s up to you to locate the gun(s) or related items you wish to import, and to make payment arrangements with the seller. (Some U.S. sellers are hesitant about selling to out-of-country buyers, but you can reassure them that they’ll be shipping to an “FFL exporter” who will take care of everything).
(2) Provide the seller/shipper with a couple of important documents: they’ll need a copy of our “FFL” in order to ship any gun to us (download our FFL by clicking here).  And, very importantly: you must insist that they include a completed copy of our one-page ‘Transfer Form’ (download by clicking here) in the shipping box. Whether you fill out the form or they do — it is required to be included so we can properly sort the package to be exported to the right person! There’s a $25 charge for a ‘Missing or Incomplete Transfer Form,’ so do what you can to make sure it’s included with the shipment, and completely filled out. Once they ship, it’s your responsibility to obtain tracking information and to verify that the item arrives at our secure facility. You can let us know it’s on the way by sending us any tracking information you have
(3) Provide us with your current PAL information: in order to ship a gun or ammo to you, we’ll need your PAL information. For Non-Restricted firearms, send us your PAL number and date of birth (a scan or picture of your PAL works too). For Restricted firearms, also include: your place of birth and gun club name. You can send this information by reply email to this message.
(4) Sit back and relax while we process your export: we know that you’re excited to get your gun, and that you may even like to check the status every week. While we wish there was less government paperwork and wait times, it’s a reality that nobody can avoid, so the average wait time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time your gun arrives at our office. But don’t worry — we’ve exported thousands of guns to Canada so you can rest easy that your gun is in good hands. We maintain a very secure facility with proper insurance, and as soon as the export license is approved we’re less than five miles from the Canadian border and will get your gun imported and prepped for shipment to you (or in-person pickup if arranged).  Please do not contact us to check status until at least 6 weeks have gone by.


Our pricing is pretty simple: $249 USD for the first gun, $149 for each additional gun on the same export shipment, plus 5% of the value of the exported merchandise [up to $5,000, then 2% of amount beyond $5,000], plus $50 per Restricted classified firearm.  For ammo, parts and accessories: $149 USD for the first line item, $75 for each additional line item on the same export shipment, plus 5% of value. Other than that, you’ll just pay for shipping which is typically $30-50 per gun, and any applicable taxes / duties (such as HST, GST, PST — based on where you live).  There are a few other possible costs, such as a missing Transfer Form or Magazine Capacity-Limitation — full pricing details are on our website at this link.

You’ll get an initial invoice when your item(s) have arrived here and been processed through our receiving system. It’ll confirm which item(s) we received, ask you to confirm your address on the invoice is correct, and will contain our Export Service Fees only. At that point you should make payment using our secure online system.

Then, you’ll get a final invoice shortly before we’re ready to ship, with the shipping cost and applicable Canadian taxes. When your final invoice comes, it’s best to get it paid right away so that when we get the final go-ahead for shipment it can go out without delay.


As discussed above, the average wait time is 6 to 8 weeks from the time your shipment arrives to our facility. This means that some take even longer, while some go faster.  Because of this, we really encourage you to not expect to receive your shipment for about two months, and be pleasantly surprised if it goes faster. Please, refrain from calling or emailing to check the status until most of this time has passed, as we assure you we’ll be in touch as soon as there’s any meaningful news (like when we’re ready to ship!).

Next Steps

If you haven’t yet found the items you will purchase, you should continue to shop around. Then, once you have made a purchase, proceed with the process as described above, making sure to have the shipper include your completed Transfer Form.  If after reading through this you still have unanswered questions, we encourage you to check out these FAQ on our website. If you still have questions, please contact us.
Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to serving you!