Pardon us while we Restructure our Services for an exciting future!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of December 2013 we re-launched our new and improved firearm export / import services, so this post is no longer relevant. Check out the Blog post about our re-launch here!

Thanks for considering Borderview for your firearm-related import/export needs.  This has been our primary service since day one, and is something we plan to continue to offer for many years to come.

However, at the present time we are in the midst of restructuring the way we do exports and imports, in a way that will make things a lot easier for our customers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while keeping your costs down.  That said, unless you are a current customer with an order in-process right now, we are unable to assist at this time.  We plan to re-launch our new-and-improved services in October.  For now, all we can say is that if you’re in one of these three countries, we think you’ll be excited to hear about the changes we’re making when we re-launch our services.  It’ll be a whole lot easier on you (less paperwork burden), while keeping your costs down.

To Export out of the U.S.A.:

In the meantime, if this import is something you want to proceed on we would strongly suggest working with one of our dealer import partners in your country:
  • NEW ZEALAND: another good man, Darin at Grenz Pacific Firearms (, or email INFO@USAGUNS.CO.NZ.


To Import into the U.S.A.: